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6th Grader

Ms. Hayes is very kind and sweet. She is an amazing teacher!

6th Grader

Ms. Hayes makes things very clear for us to understand. She is very nice and takes time to go over things!

7th Grader

She is very sweet and a hard worker. She always makes class more fun and interesting.

8th Grader

Ms. Hayes is positive and a bright person and I love when she is in the class because she always makes my day brighter. Ms. Hayes always helps you when you need it.


Brittany Daley,

Middle School Drama Teacher

Joanna has a warm and inviting teaching style. Her supportive tone creates a classroom environment where students feel safe to try something new and make mistakes.

Bethany Nelson,

Professor of Theatre Education at Emerson College

She communicates her passion for the art form, her deep caring for her students, and her commitment to helping them achieve in everything she does in the classroom.


"Thank you for bringing joy and creativity to the kids, this is [my child's] very first experience learning drama and acting, and he really enjoyed it! We will definitely continue the journey, hope to see you [again] soon!"

Parent, 4 year old student

"Thank YOU so much for hosting such an amazing program! It must have been challenging to manage several (often distracted) children online and at the same time providing fun and nurturing classes to them. Not only did they absolutely love your class, as a parent I also learned lots of communication skills from you. You are definitely excellent at what you do!"

Parent, 4 year old student

"Ms. Hayes’s genuine passion for teaching young children is apparent the moment you meet her. Her personality is consistently warm, upbeat, and engaging - it is no wonder that [our child] has thrived in this environment. Her theatrical background inspired many of the curriculum’s creative elements, bringing out wonderfully creative elements of his personality. She delighted in watching [our child's] progress throughout the year, and as a parent this was a joy to witness. It is no wonder that [our child] feels so comfortable in the classroom."

Parent, 4 year old student

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